Movie Posters

Posted on July 28, 2011


by Matt Sperling

The first thing you’re thinking if you’ve glanced below is probably, “Holy shit this guy is good with Photoshop.”  I’m going to ask you to withhold praise of my shopping abilities so you can focus on the haphazardly strewn together humor. In the business (what business?) we (who?) call this a photo dump.  Enjoy my dump.


First, we begin with the lowest hanging fruit.



Next, something that was topical a few months ago.




Fine, something even more topical.




Something simple.




Something describing the Hall of Fame Voter’s perspective.




Something for the R&D folks to take their superman lunch boxes to.




A french movie in the same vein as Les Cousins Dangereux.




And finally, something making fun of Conley.

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