Transform Cards Impact Small Business Owner

Posted on October 26, 2011


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – It’s been a rough month or so for gaming sleeves retailer Rick Malone.  His business involves producing and selling one or two types of sleeves during any given six month period.  Malone says sales of his most popular sleeve, the translucent “clear sleeve,” have plummeted following the release of two-sided transform Magic: The Gathering cards.

“I do a lot of sales through,” said Malone, “and recently the ‘Customers who bought this item also bought…’ underneath my clear sleeves has shown a Sony Walkman, a radiator cap for a Delorean, and a 12 pack of polio vaccination shots.”

Malone had hoped his other lines of sleeves, which have opaque backings, would pick up some of the slack.  Following the lead of other top sleeve makers, he planned to use puns and/or recognizable characters in his sleeve design, so he phoned his Chinese manufacturer and ordered production of the following unfortunate sleeve design:

Given recent events, Malone is not sure he’ll be able to move the eight thousand packs he ordered.  “I’m just getting through my stock of other sleeves that failed to sell online.  I sell them at cost at my local shop.”

We asked Malone to share some of those earlier failed designs, which he reluctantly provided.

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