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Posted on August 30, 2012




By Matt Sperling

Image  (Rashad Miller, Pro Player and Commentator)

Late start for this concept, but better late than never.  

Day 2 of the Event, Draft 1, round 1.

-1:00 PST: Let’s get started.  Just watched a few interviews with Zac and the Japanese players, one roughly translated and one in rough English.  Fortunately Zac’s cackle and unwavering agreement translate to all known languages.

-Now we’re back to Rich and Zac in the studio.  Rich’s hair looks less kempt than usual, which is a little like saying Katy Perry looks less ugly than usual.

-1:06: Cut to Rashad and Marshall, team Oblivious Ring. 

-Rashad enjoys green cards, great analysis, can’t put the laptop down.

-Kibler got a 5th pick Garruk, why do bad things happen to good people (referring to all of us who have to sit through all the gushing about to take place)?

-Marshall is like Lurch from the Adams Family but slightly less charismatic.

-OK we’ve learned the match being features does not include Kibler, so the team begrudgingly decides to move on.

-1:11: “You only play players in your pod.”  “Is THAT true?”  Sigh.

-I should mention that earlier during the draft these two guys were criticizing the decisions of someone who plays at a level they will never understand, always a fun process.

-Marshall looked over LSV’s shoulder during deckbuilding and LSV said “It’s sweet.”   Marshall is blushing and very excited.  This is the most informative portion of the segment thus far.

-Miller and Sutcliffe are really struggling to explain anything at all.  “It’s just a … part of the curve.. but it’s not …great at that spot” 

-1:15: cutting to the draft coverage

-Intro/montage footage of all the players, late night decision NOT to cut Reid Duke out completely seems to have been made. 

-Finkel v Juza is the matchup.  The Balding Eagle vs the Angle Archer

-Someone is yelling “SOLDIERS” at the staff to get some tokens like a doctor asking for life saving medicine to inject ASAP.

-Finkel calls Juza’s bluff on a token attacking into Griffin.  Juza has nothing.  Mastery.  This is the stuff I like to see.  Well, this and interviews with non-English speakers with no translator.

-1:22: Stream signal dies.  We miss an entire turn of play, which is fine, all that happened was a Sleep, an attack, a removal spell, and Unsummon, etc.

-Rashard just said “represent lethal” which sounded smart but the sentence just never ended and didn’t say anything.  The Joe Biden speech of commentary.

-Team agrees that the correct play was for Jon to chump with a token then untap and kill Martin.  Neither sees that the Soldier must live for Jon to “represent lethal” as Rashard likes to say.  Building a consensus around misunderstanding the gamestate: change we can believe in.

-1:26 Finkel wins the game by not blocking untapping and killing Juza, Rashad and Marshall are reeling to sort it all out, but settle on some “that was close” hyperbole.

-Juza has flunkies in his sideboard, but isn’t bringing them in vs UW.  Ok, I guess he has exalted.  Still, I like that card quite a bit vs UW.

-Rashard “I did not catch if there was sideboard action.”  YOU HAD ONE JOB!  We know you didn’t go to the restroom, you were babbling the whole time!

-1:30: word comes in from the staff that the token couldn’t chump block because then the flyer couldn’t attack. Awkward, but Rashard transitions smoothly into discussing the flavor of the card.  “Only a knight can ride it?”  kill me.

-mixture of “Can’t tell what card that is in his hand” and “[rambling]” taking place.

-Marshall “Sometimes you wanna play the Specter, say go, hope it lives…”  Are we really talking about the general case here?

-1:35: Marshall says vigilance on Silvercoat Lion is relevant.  It isn’t.

-Finkel about get blown out by Flames, things don’t look good for him.  Marshall remarks that “missing that red really hurt Juza”  Hmm.

-Rashad raises the ante with a stumble over whether getting to see the deck with the specter lets you deduce Jon’s hand, even though specter lets you see the hand.  Good stuff.

-Jon and my ears both getting pummeled here.   Game 3 coming.

-1:41: Back to the booth with Finkel uses the restroom (to change batteries I assume)

-The post-mortem on game 1 now includes the soldier token block as if it were always an obvious element of the game.  Lovin’ this.

-They really couldn’t decide to run the ads during these downtimes?  Nathan Holt vids?  Black Screen?   Nails on a chalkboard?  Fuck it, back to the booth we go.

-Marshall is discussing just how good Specter was.  He doesn’t know, but he says that’s the kind of Magic he likes.  He must really love the game.

-Rashad says the Titans are gone.  Wonder if that hurts Marshall’s feelings.

-1:46: If these guys have to kill 5 more minutes of airtime I might not be able to finish this blog.

-1:46: Sending it back down, phew.

-What the fuck how is it turn 3?   We watched these guys talk about nothing while they were playing???

-Rashad “it doesn’t happen all the time that you look at your hand and you see the game plan.”  Let’s use “I” instead of “you” next time Rashad.

-Chandra’s Fury blows out Finkel, game.  :(

-Rashad “He does have a Sleep to give him [Raises an octave] two more turns?”  No Rashad, no.  One turn.

-Rashad on Sign in Blood “You don’t wanna give Jon Finkel two extra cards” as he doesn’t understand that you use it for the kill.  Marshall corrects him, which has to hurt.

-1:50: we’re switching over to Shoota “McGavin” Yasooka’s (TM Tim Aten) match. 

-Ochoa is the opponent, and he’s looking every bit the hipster pedophile that he did yesterday. 

-Rashad “most of the time things with really big toughness have really really low power” as Silklash Spider hits the board.  Glad we’re not generalizing from a specific instance to make an idiotic and false statement.

-Ochoa’s hand has a lot of cards, so when they pan to it, Marshall says “Wow.” Before we all realize the cards don’t do much.  But “Wow, five things!”

-Marshall says “he’s sitting on 5 cards, you’ve gotta wonder what he’s got.”  We JUST looked at his hand. 

-Ochoa didn’t cast a spell with 6 mana 5 cards and Rashad just used the phrase “If Ochoa doesn’t have anything.” 

-The board is very very clearly too complex for these announcers, I just popped a bag of popcorn, can’t wait.

-Yasooka is slowrolling the lethal burn for no reason, announcers discussing blocks. 

-Shame this wrapped up so quickly, Marshall was a couple minutes from discussing which creature he’d like to own as a pet the most.

-Rashad “I keeps it real”  “I keeps it real” Marshall and Rashad together: “hahahahahahahaha”  Check back for the comedy CD and tour dates.

-2:01: back to the news desk, Zac and Rich’s hair ferret.

-Rich is explaining the decision to broadcast the Shuuhei interview in Russian.

-Standings are up, Reid is still at 1-6.  Feel bad for the guy.  Points awarded per win, can’t quit, don’t get much for 1-11.  Awk.

-Zac says he’s been Hemorrhaging (thanks spell check) losses, that’s gonna make the comedy CD when this wraps up.

-Gonna post this now rather than blog this boring wrap up.  See you soon with the next effort.  (wish I had done this from the start, pretty fun). 

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