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If they had a Clue, you’d be the Last to Know: Bullshit Financial Advice

July 28, 2011


by Greg Hatch [Note from the Editor: I wanted to published a piece making fun of all the ‘financial analysis’ quackery that’s been gaining popularity in recent months.  I tasked my friend Greg Hatch with writing it since I know he actually makes money buying and selling Magic cards.  He isn’t a dealer in the […]

Breaking Down the HOF Selection Committee

July 19, 2011


by Matt Sperling Every year two groups of people vote on who gets inducted into the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame.  Every player with over 100 Pro Points gets to submit a ballot that’s worth 1 vote for every person on the ballot.  Makes sense.  The other group of people is the “Selection Committee.”  […]

Harry Potter and Magic: The Gathering, an interview with J.K. Rowling

July 14, 2011


By Staff MTG Lampoon recently sat down with author J.K. Rowling to discuss the Harry Potter Empire, Magic: The Gathering, and life as a 21st century living legend. MTG Lampoon: J.K., thanks so much for sitting down with us, we really appreciate it. J.K. Rowling: Nullus forsit [No problem]. ML: Were you familiar with Magic: […]

Being Right About Five-Color Control

July 14, 2011


by Patrick Chapin Cruel Ultimatum Preordain Survival of the Fittest Cryptic Command Mental Misstep Bloodbraid Elf Batterskull Dragonstorm Vengevine Bitterblossom The Titans Jace, the Mind Sculptor Let’s face it, I am right… A LOT. Today’s newest way I Am Right: Five-Color Control by Patrick Chapin 2 Solemn Simulacrum 1 Wurmcoil Engine 1 Consecrated Sphinx 1 […]

Magic: The Political, a set preview

July 7, 2011


by Matt Sperling Below are some previews of a few rumored cards from the upcoming set titled Magic: The Political.  A few of the rumored cards don’t appear to interact well with each other, making the appearance of all the cards below unlikely in the final product.  With more presidential nominees to come, and the […]

Magic Photo Blogging

July 7, 2011


by TURKEYDICK the photographer asked fujita to select two cards from his deck that best resembled Craig Wescoe and Kenny Oberg. wait so, the t8 of the pro tour is booster draft? Wednesday downtime for magic online. Brian Kowal  enjoying some ascension in between rounds Bill Stark is big in japan. Corey still isn’t back […]

Ask the Pros: July 2011 Edition

June 29, 2011


MTG Lampoon staffers Gary Talim and Matt Sperling recently peppered some of the top pros with a quick round of questions.  Selected answers appear below. QUESTION: What do you think about the banning of Jace TMS and Stoneforge Mystic? LSV:  As much as I loved playing with the cards, frankly it had to be done.  […]

Casting the Pro Tour Movie

June 24, 2011


by Matt Sperling In 2000, a film version of Dungeons & Dragons was released (I assume by producers Bialystock and Bloom).  (  Critics and box offices received it like a 20 year old might receive news of stage 4 cancer.  We’ll never know why.  ( Ten years have passed, and the world is perhaps now […]

Commander Set Review: Legends Part I

June 24, 2011


by Matt Sperling Welcome to the first installment of my Commander format set reviews.  Since I want this series to eventually be comprehensive, I have to start where Legendary Creatures got their start: Legends.  I had just started playing when Legends came out, so I don’t remember a whole lot about the set.  Whether you’re […]