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Computer Program “K.A.R.N.” Defeats Top Magic Pros

June 29, 2012


By Matt Sperling on 6/29/12 Renton, WA – Programmers in the digital products division of Wizards of the Coast scored a huge victory today when their computer program beat professional players in a Magic: The Gathering match.  The victory was the culmination of a years-long project in computer artificial intelligence.  The project, dubbed Knowledgeable Artificial-Intelligence […]

The Creature from the Rogue Lagoon

January 17, 2012


by Matt Sperling Conley Woods and Owen Turtenwald agreed on Friday that if either player won the Grand Prix, that player would celebrate by jumping into the hotel’s duck and bacteria infested lagoon.  On Sunday, Conley won the GP, and after a few beers, Owen remembered the bet.  Each of our inner 15-year-olds then came […]

Transform Cards Impact Small Business Owner

October 26, 2011


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – It’s been a rough month or so for gaming sleeves retailer Rick Malone.  His business involves producing and selling one or two types of sleeves during any given six month period.  Malone says sales of his most popular sleeve, the translucent “clear sleeve,” have plummeted following the release of two-sided […]

Wizards set to finally kill Caw-Blade

August 17, 2011


by Staff Caw-Blade, a deck using Squadron Hawks and Sword of Feast and Famine to gain card and tempo advantage, has been the menace of Standard for months.  The deck was formerly dubbed “Jace-Mystic” before those cards were banned in an attempt to bring balance to the format.  Every single person who thought the problem […]

Magic 2013 Spoiled!

July 7, 2011


Tim Aten reporting. In an exciting but somewhat disheartening development, a significant number of rares from next year’s Magic 2013 have already been leaked. Sources say the culprit was Mauro Bongiovanni, who received a pdf of the set early so he could review it for the print magazine Mox Bleu. May Mr. Bongiovanni rot in […]

Thompson Does It Again

June 29, 2011


Midwestern Master Shatters Format in Impromptu Open by Staff Earlier this week, StarCity Games hosted a special $5K tournament meant to showcase the health and diversity of the post-ban Standard format. As expected, the grinders turned out in droves, and as expected, StarCity’s own master deckbuilder Gerry Thompson displayed his knack for churning out the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower admits Magic Online shuffler is rigged

June 29, 2011


Renton, WA: An ex-Wizards of the Coast employee (Digital Games division), who wishes to remain anonymous, released the following exclusive statement to MTG Lampoon: During my time at Wizards of the Coast, I was part of a team expressly tasked with ensuring that certain matches were determined by pre-programmed patterns, not fair play.  We called […]